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* Denotes first time awarding CC's.

Please check all dates with Canine press


(Post=P, Online=O)
Manchester 16 Jan Richard Rumens P=06/12.O=16/12.
Crufts7 March Shirley WatsonP=09/01.O=16/01.
Scottish Breeds29 March Sybil BerreclothP=06/02.O=20/02.
Cairn Terrier Club30 March Ruth Parker-TuckerP=06/02.O=20/02.
National Terrier5 April Carol ConfueP=24/02.O=09/03.
Southern CTC3 May

D = Jim Pollock

B = Chris Roberts

R= Jean Hudson

Joint CTC4 MayAnn WaughP=.O=.
Birmingham National13 May Stuart PlaneP=07/03.O=22/03.
Scottish Kennel Club16 May Andrew Brace*P=02/04.O=10/04.
Bath23 May Max KingP=20/04.O=04/05.
Southern Counties31 May Maggie ShoplandP=.O=.
Three Counties7 June Jane KeevesP=20/04.O=30/04.
Border Union15 June Janette Watt*P=.O=.
Leeds26 July Linda FirthP=. O=.
Paignton2 Aug Bill CammishP=. O=.
Bournemouth10 Aug Pat Carlton-SmithP=. O=.
Welsh Kennel Club16 Aug Paul WilkinsonP=. O=.
Scottish Kennel Club23 Aug Bill Browne-ColeP=. O=.
City of Birmingham30 Aug Sue KintonP=. O=.
Darlington12 Sept David WinsleyP=. O=.
Driffield20 Sept Zena Thorne-AndrewsP=. O=.
Belfast28 Sept P=. O=.
North of Ireland CTC29 Sept Liam DeanP=. O=.
SW&WE Cairn Terrier Club18 Oct Satu Stenroos* P=. O=.
Midland Counties25 Oct Albert WightP=.O=.
Cairn Terrier Association15 Nov Liz HootonP= .O=.
Midland Cairn Terrier Club6 Dec Phil HorspoolP= .O= .
L.K.A.14 Dec Reinier Goud*P=.O=.

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