So you want a Cairn Puppy? Is it the breed for you?puppy9

Below are a few hints to help you make the right choice.

  • Learn as much about the breed as you can to make sure this is the breed for you.
  • Remember Cairn puppies are very small and could be easily hurt by very young children you may be better off either waiting until your children are older, getting an older puppy or a young adult.
  • Is your garden secure? Cairns can squeeze through the smallest of holes. You must make sure your garden is totally secure before you get your puppy. As a general rule, if a Cairn can get its head through a hole the rest of it will usually follow!
  • Do you have enough time for a Cairn? All dogs, not just Cairns, will get bored if left for long periods alone. Boredom soon turns to destructiveness! Puppies especially will become very unruly and difficult to housetrain without sufficient supervision. pup3
  • Cairn coats are relatively easy to maintain. They do need regular grooming however and will need to be handstripped about twice a year.
  • Once you are sure you want a Cairn make sure you buy from a reputable breeder. An easy way of doing this is to make enquiries through one of the Breed Clubs. All the UK Cairn Terrier Breed Clubs have a puppy liaison Officer who will be able to let you know the names of Members who have puppies for sale
  • Please be patient. Reputable breeders do not have puppies on hand waiting for buyers to come along, so you must be prepared to wait awhile for your puppy.
  • Don't be offended if the breeders you contact ask you lots of questions. They are just trying to do the best by their puppies and make sure they go to the right homes.
  • All Members of the UK Cairn Terrier Breed Clubs are expected to adhere to the Cairn Terrier Breeders Code of Conduct. To read this click on this link.CODE OF CONDUCT
  • Please DO NOT think "oh I only want a pet" and buy from a commercial breeder or Puppy Farmer. Every puppy these people sell just encourages their trade. pup1

This Clubs Puppy Liaison Officer is: Mrs Jenny Oldale, Telephone: 01373 824113

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